The history of LGH

LGH was founded in Manchester, UK, in 1970 and quickly grew to be a major player in the British lifting business, helping all kinds of clients, from North Sea oil and gas operations in the off the coast of Scotland, to construction companies in heart of the capital. Our famous three hooks logo was introduced in 1979, to demonstrate both our range of equipment and our extensive fleet, ready whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Following our success in Britain, LGH spread across the Atlantic in 1990, opening our first depot in Chicago, Illinois in 1990. Two years later we took our first steps into continental Europe, with our depot in Ridderkerk in the Netherlands. LGH UK was sold in 2006, but relaunched ten years later, from the same premises where it all began in 1970.

Today, LGH has grown to over 20 locations in the US and nine locations in the UK and Europe, employing over 300 people and handling many thousands of assets from the world’s leading manufacturers – and that’s just the start.

Over the next 30 years we plan to open 30 new depots, exploring new markets from Moscow to Dubai, extending our global reach and establishing LGH as the number one lifting gear experts worldwide.