Is it Christmas yet?

Recently we received an assignment from Bruns Schwerlast to support them with a spreading solution for the installation of a 50m long and 30t heavy drain from the company Hydro-Wacht.

The challenge was to fulfil the following requirements: The entire culvert needed to be attached to at least seven lifting points and we had a weight limit for the entire construction due to the crane options provided by Fricke-Schmidbauer.

The solution took on an almost Christmassy dimensions in XXXL: With a 250T spreader with 25m length and two 110T spreaders 15m each, we achieved a length of 40m in total with four lifting points. Another 5 attachment points were created with our solution and with the result of nine attachment points in total the lifting went safe and smooth.

For Klaus, this was the first project in this dimension. His experience: “All challenges have a solution when you have a good team, teamwork and the right expertise!”

LGH Lifting solutionLGH Lifting solutionLGH Lifting solution

LGH Lifting solutionLGH Lifting solution